Purchase info

North Pine Labrador pups come with:

  • Vaccinations in accordance to age
  • Dewormed 3 times
  • Full Health check
  • 6-week puppy insurance
  • Starter Puppy food
  • CKC Registration (Non Breeding)
  • Microchipped
  • North Pine Labradors will register the puppy with the Canadian Kennel Club in the buyer’s name and mail the registration papers to you when they are received from CKC. (approx. 4-6 months),
  • Many of North Pine’s puppies will grow into dogs suitable for hunting, showing, or breeding. There is no guarantee at the time of sale regarding the future hunting, showing, or breeding of the puppy.
  • North Pine Labradors guarantees that at the time of pickup/delivery the puppy is in good health to the best of their knowledge. North Pine Labradors guarantees the overall
    health of the puppy for three days from the time of the buyer’s possession. We encourage the buyer to have the puppy examined by a certified veterinarian of the buyer’s choice at the buyer’s expense. North Pine Labradors will replace any puppy returned within three days accompanied by a written certificate of non-health from a certified veterinarian. North Pine Labradors is not responsible for any vet bills whatsoever. Please return your puppy to North Pine Labradors if you have any health concerns
    in the first three days in the pup’s new home .. We will look after the puppies health with our vet and discretion.
  • North Pine Labradors will provide the buyer with a replacement pup if any genetic disease is discovered in the first year of the pups life that will greatly shorten the life, or greatly alter the dogs quality of life (must be examined and written by a certified veterinarian}.
  • If for any reason you are unable to keep your pup the buyer agrees to contact North Pine Labradors, and we will either take back the dog or help in relocating the dog to a new home. We do not want any pups ending up in an animal shelter or dog pound!


We only allow visitors after pups are 6 weeks of age to prevent our pups from picking up any disease. A Labrador pup’s personality is not noticeable until around 6 weeks of age so this is a great time to come visit or choose your puppy if you have not done that already. We spend lots of time interacting with the puppies so that they are well socialized. You are welcome to put a deposit down so you can get on the list. We will keep pictures updated on our puppy page so you can see the pups week by week as they grow.


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